Superintendent Message

Dear Gila Bend Community,

Thank you for investing in the Gila Bend Unified School District. We are a progressive school district continually working to increase our capacity in all areas. Recent courageous actions have occurred such as moving to a four-day school week (Tues.-Fri.), adding a second school principal, installing cameras in every classroom for safety, offering an employee shuttle from Buckeye to Gila Bend, increasing our salary schedule to attract and retain highly effective team members, and calling for a school district bond election to modernize/build new facilities, upgrade technology, and purchase new student transportation.

We are excited to work with our community as educational partners to maximize the potential of each child. We will continue to focus on attitudes, campus cleanliness, and teaching/learning. Positive forward thinking attitudes yield high results and produce “equipped” students, a clean campus attracts and excites students to buy-in to the educational process, and teaching/learning must be engaging and active to motivate students to learn and grow academically.

We Can…break the cycle

Statistics show that many rural school districts perform low academically. We can break the cycle at Gila Bend Unified by involving students in the teaching methodology. Parents can break the cycle by checking homework and communicating with their child’s teacher. The Gila Bend community can break the cycle by supporting their school district and emphasizing the importance of a great education.

Parents, please talk to your child daily and remind them that it does not matter what background they come from, what ethnicity they are, that the separation is in the preparation, and they can do anything through good choices/effort.

We can do this! We empower our community to get involved. Our doors are always open.

Educationally Yours,

Anthony J. Perkins

Dr. Anthony J. Perkins


Gila Bend Unified School District #24


Dr. Perkins